San Francisco Oddities

For my last full day in San Francisco, and indeed the US, I had an easy day wandered the Union Square shopping area to pick up a few things before heading home.

Union Square is home to a huge-normous Macy’s as well as other well-known US Department stores such as Barneys, Bloomingdales, Sak’s, Nordstrom etc alongside flagship stores for Apple, Uniqlo, Nike etc. Unfortunately it is the beginning of summer over here so stores were packing to the rafters with summer stock just as the cold-snap hits Melbourne and the snow starts falling, however, I did manage to score a few bargains and find a few things you can’t get back home. San Francisco is also home to some smaller flagship stores, and I was able to visit shops stocking brands such as Alden, Allen Edmonds, Wolverine, J Crew, Suit Supply, Naked and Famous and others to try on some of their styles and take note of my size so that I can order with confidence online when the time is right and sales are on. I also had some fun visiting the pharmacies/supermarkets to stock up on some American food. I think about half of my luggage weight allowance will be dedicated to foodstuffs of varying quality and nutritional value so I will need some volunteers to help devour it 😉

It was quite a warm day, so what better way to cool off than an ice-cream at Ghirardelli.


While I was wandering the streets I came across a few sights that took my fancy, some of which I stopped and took photos of. Here are some of the oddities I found complete with captions.




Matte Black Ferrari, lotus and vintage Ferrari randomly parked on the street. San Francisco is home to many tech companies, and as such has a high proportion of millionaires/billionaires amongst it’s residents (it also has the most real-estate market in North America), so I’m guessing this is not an unusual sight on the city’s streets.


Similar signs can be found in the windows of most pharmacies. Australia is seriously lagging behind in this area.


Despite the high number of homeless, the streets of Sam Francisco are vey clean and here’s why.


Speaking of streets, these indentations can be found on each street corner, allowing for easy navigation even in the absence if street signs.


Coca-Cola is everywhere here (and the US in general). This picture of a vintage machine was taken on Alcatraz Island.



Locals also take their food seriously, and there are some cool shops to be found.

Seeing all of those yummy shops made me hungry so I found something right up my alley for dinner. Super-Duper made tasty little burgers and had the added bonus of bottomless mason-jars of homemade pickles available with their condiments, a food I have come to appreciate during my time here.




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