Today marks the end of my West Coast journey as I venture ‘Back to the Future’ and make my way home.

Rather than reflect on my time here I thought I would post a random assortment of captioned pics from the last 3 weeks. I apologise for the varying quality, many were hurriedly taken on my iPhone as I passed – enjoy.


A find on my first visit to Wally World, 700mL of side-effects and drug-interactions available over the counter.


Another Wal-Mart find – fireworks! Why, because ‘Merica.




As I have already told you Ben and Jerry’s is everywhere. Though the highlight was a build-your-own Core Sundae at a Scoop Shop. Turtle Cheesecake – a Scoop Shop exclusive flavour of Cheesecake Ice Cream with pecans and chocolate turtle pieces – and Triple Caramel Chunk with a Chocolate Fudge Core topped with whipped cream (like everything over here, hot-chocolates, sundaes, pancakes etc) and crushed peanuts.


Another American obsession I already described is the ice-cream sandwich, but the guys at Coolhaus, founded as a food-truck in LA have elevated it to an art form with inventive flavours and cool marketing. Plus these things are HUGE!


It seems the Americans have a sense of humor too.


Elise, I immediately thought of you when I saw these. I would have bought one but at the time we were in the middle of the desert and chocolate would not have survived without becoming a giant blob in the corner of my suitcase 😦


I do however have some of these coming back with me.


But not this.


Or these.


Americans loooove their popcorn, with a huge range of flavours available everywhere.


As is the old-school soda fountain.


And Lego, which seems to be making a huge comeback (and millions of dollars based on the number of sets I saw coming out the doors). Apparently it is dirt-cheap over here compared to Australia with parents filing whole suitcases of just Lego to lug home. However, I am a bit out of the Lego-loop so wasn’t really sure what was going on.

This afternoon (Friday US time) I depart San Francisco for LAX at 5:30pm PST, arriving around 6:55pm, then leave for Sydney at 10:15pm.
After arriving in Sydney at 6:20am AEST on Sunday I fly from Sydney to Melbourne and finally arrive back at around 10:35am aboard flight VA824 – see you then.


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  1. HAHAHAHAHA choc aid for life’s boo boo’s!! What a shame you couldn’t bring that back! And I am IN LOVE with the selfie with the minion on your head. Your best selfie so far! It looks like it has been a great trip. Travel safe xx

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