Yosemite NP

Friday was another free day in Vegas, some of the group went shopping or go-karting, while others lounged by the pool or wandered the strip before taking in a show or two at night. Cirque de Soleil and David Copperfield seemed to be the pick of the current crop.

Saturday was another massive bus-day (the biggest of the trip). We departed Vegas at 8:00am, stopping in Barstow, Bakersfield and Fresno CA before arriving in Yosemite NP at around 6:30pm. After a quick Pizza dinner we retired to our tents for some ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping).

After a chilly night (5 blankets required), we awoke Sunday morning (Father’s Day in the US) to some amazing views from the front of our tent.


We set off early for the Vernal and Nevada Falls before it got too hot and the trails too busy. Our guides told us we were lucky coming to Yosemite when we have, as the rivers are expected to stop flowing over the falls in the coming weeks due to the ongoing drought.






It was worth the steep and slippery walk up the rock steps to take in the views of the Yosemite Valley from the top of the falls.



After returning to the valley floor we walked around Mirror Lake. Unfortunately due to the drought the ‘Lake’ was almost dry. At high-water the lake reflects the surrounding peaks, including the areas highest peak – El Capitan, but currently it is but a series of small pools surrounded by mud and reeds.


Tonight will be my last night on the Top Deck Tour, spent in the tent once again, before departing for my final destination city – San Francisco.
I have pleasantly surprised by the beauty and range of landscapes at the National Parks I have visited along the West Coast (Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Zion and Yosemite) and am looking forward to San Francisco as many people I have spoken to have listed it as their most-favourite West Coast city, as so far I haven’t been overly impressed with any of the major cities I have visited.



  1. The glamping looks awesome! I love the tents. And that photo with the rainbow is beautiful. You’ve got some very frame-able snaps here.

    1. I did get to see some beautiful sights, hopefully when I get home and have a good look there will be some quality shots. There was one person on the tour with an SLR and it did take some amazing shots, may live to regret not bringing one along

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