Sorry for the lack of updates, but it has been a quiet couple of days – days spent largely on the bus.

Friday morning saw us hop on the bus for our first big driving day, 7+ hours from San Diego to Prescott (pronounced Press-Kit by the locals) AZ.
Our route took us East along the US – Mexican border and at one point we were only about 100 ‘yards’ from the black fence that separates the two.
It was interesting to see the terrain and vegetation change as we left the sand and palms trees of the Pacific Coast and headed over the rocky hills studded with cactus as we were heading inland.
The highlight of the day was a scheduled stop at Walmart (or Wally-World as our tour leader Adam referred to it) in the historic town of Yuma AZ. We played a game with the locals, with the tour member finding the picture of the weirdest looking customer getting the honour of choosing the DVD we would all watch that afternoon (if you are not aware if the clientele that frequent Walmart I suggest you google ‘people of Walmart’). I had fun checking out all of the American foods and snapped a couple of iPhone pics of some of my favourites – Ben & Jerry’s and Snack-Packs (and apologise in advance for the poor picture quality).



That night we arrived in Prescott and had time to unpack and take a dip before meeting for dinner at The Palace, a Hotel frequented by famous cowboys such as Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday.

On Saturday morning we had a scheduled sleep-in before boarding the bus to Flagstaff AZ. I got an early start and checked out Prescott, which was a nice little tourist town with a farmers market in the town square and one of the other local streets blocked off and populated by American Hot-Rods and classic muscle cars (unfortunately I left my phone and camera on the charger so no pics of either). We stopped off along the way to Flagstaff in Sedona AZ and were greeted by this view along Main St.


After grabbing some lunch we boarded a Pink Jeep for a 4×4 Tour where we climbed to over 7000 feet to get some pictures of the red sandstone formations of the Verde Valley.






On arrival in Flagstaff we headed to the local supermarket to stock up on supplies for tomorrow’s big day in the Grand Canyon, before heading to Cracker Barrel for some ‘Southern down-home style cooking’.
The Grand Canyon is probably the #1 attraction for most of the group, so hopefully it doesn’t disappoint, with a helicopter ride and hiking planned. Our Hotel for the next 2 nights has good Wi-Fi coverage so I will post some pics of the Canyon tomorrow.


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