San Diego – Mission Beach

For those of you wondering if holidays are hard work, here is where I spent my day.


This morning I was up at the ungodly hour of 6:00am to check out of the Hostel and join the Top Deck tour in downtown LA. I thought I had made a mistake when I turned up at the Hotel and a Contiki bus was parked out the front, but luckily they staggered out of their rooms and onto the bus before I met the rest of my group and began the tour. 13 new people, myself included, joined 7 people already on the 20-seat bus (bigger than my last tour but not as big as expected), with some going through to Las Vegas or back to LA while I will finish in San Francisco. I will talk more about the rest of the group when I know a little more about them (but they are mostly couples/family again). After some important paperwork business we set off on our 2-hour drive to San Diego. On the way we passed Camp Pendleton, the Navy’s training ground for any new recruits West of the Mississippi, and saw some activity.


On arrival in San Diego we headed straight for Mission Beach, where we wandered the Ocean Walk. Some people were learning to surf out on the beach but there was more interesting action on land with a wave-generator keeping the crowd entertained – some for more painful reasons than others as evidenced by the last 3 photos below.







Following that we took a bus-tour around San Diego, crossing the massive Coronado Bridge to Coronado Island, home to the Naval Base as well as the biggest all-wooden building in the US – The Hotel del Coronado, the site of the most weddings each year in the country (fun fact). We also passed Petco Park where the Padre’s were about to play and the venue for Comic-con amongst other landmarks. On the way we learnt a bit of American/San Diego history, before finishing up at our Motel in the historic Mexican Old Town area. After checking we were given a couple hours to relax or wander the Old Town before visiting a local Mexican restaurant for dinner. As I am about to go meet the group for dinner and get to know them a little better there are no food pics today, however, I did come across a cousin of one of my favourite ice-cream shops in Mission Beach – enjoy!




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