Santa Monica

Another day, more sunshine in Southern California.
This morning I took a Shuttle Bus from the hostel in Hollywood to Santa Monica. Despite leaving after peak-hour (around 10:15am) we got a taste of LA’s infamous traffic jams, joining the crawling traffic on the drive West. After about 45 minutes we arrived in Santa Monica, the Westernmost point on the historic Route 66.


I visited the famous Pier, walked along the sand of the massive beach and dipped my toes in the water (27C is still too cold for me to swim, especially in the Pacific. However, there were few brave souls taking a swim). I also saw the original site of Muscle Beach and saw many people walking, riding, rollerblading, Segwaying (I think I just made up that one) and playing volleyball along the beach.







Before getting any more sunburnt than necessary despite generous doses of sunscreen I crossed over Ocean Avenue (the same one referenced in the popular Yellowcard track/album of the same name – hit the link to watch the Music Video if you don’t know the one I’m talking about) and strolled along the 3rd Street Promenade. The promenade was once home to local specialty stores but has been overrun by multinational stores such as Nike, Adidas, Starbucks etc as well as some North American specialties such as Nordtrom, Bloomingdales and J Crew. As always, the Apple store was pretty impressive and there was a Tesla store in the middle of the promenade, which explains the large number I have seen driving around (though nowhere near the number of Prius’ – Clarkson would not be impressed).



Luckily I was able to leave with my Credit Card intact and some of my shopping quota for the day/week/month or whatever remaining for the rest of the trip. As the hostel shuttle was only one-way, I caught the Metro RAPID 704 Bus back East to Hollywood (Santa Monica & Highland) from Santa Monica (4th & Santa Monica), which took a whopping 1.5 hours – and that was the rapid service with limited stops. I shudder to think how long the regular service (Metro Bus 4) takes from Santa Monica. That is one think I underestimated before coming here, but one that everyone kept telling me – that LA is BIG!

Tomorrow I have an early start, joining the rest of my Top Deck tour group in Downtown LA at 7:45am. Our first stop is San Diego but I’m not sure what our Wi-Fi situation will be like, however, I will check in with more updates and pictures where possible. Before I go, here is another food pic, this one may not be very exciting to some, however, the Americans are obsessed with their Ice-Cream sandwiches with nearly every packaged ice-cream found in the freezer chest of retailers some kind of sandwich or bar.




  1. Gorgeous blue sky, not many people around, nice life savers hut. Was the ice cream sandwich good? how many ice creams have you tried?

    1. I have tried a different ice-cream each day so far, should be able to continue to do so by the look. I was surprised by the number (or lack thereof) too. Maybe if the weather is like this every day and it is still the start of summer the beaches will get busier when it is hotter later on. Though generally there haven’t been that many people around (at Universal, baseball etc) which has been good

  2. Most people in the photos seem fairly thin, how is the obesity rate? What is LA’s population?Plenty of time for people-watching on the bus!! Dad

    1. I think because I have been in the touristy areas I have seen more tourists than locals so not many obese. Have still seen a few big black people though. I think the population of LA County is around 10 million now!

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