Beverly Hills to Dodger Stadium

I began today with a walking tour of Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. As we drove West from Hollywood through the GLBT friendly West Hollywood (WeHo) to Beverly Hills the streets became cleaner, the houses (and their fences) larger and the cars more expensive. By walking the streets of Beverly Hills we were able to pause for some stories and take photos of houses belonging to Billy Ray Cyrus, Fergie (of Black Eyed Peas fame), Michael Jackson, Elvis, George Harrison, Walt Disney, Ellen Degeneres, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner and Mickey Rourke just to name a few. We also passed by the Playboy Mansion (complete with signs warning guests to watch out for the wandering menagerie which reportedly includes peacocks and monkeys roaming the grounds). We also saw a few (rather expensive) cars leaving the largest home in Los Angeles County which now belongs to Petra Ecclestone (daughter of Bernie).



We then wandered along Rodeo Drive where I spotted only my second Bugatti Veyron (the other was in Monaco). Unfortunately, I ran out of time (and money) so didn’t fit in any shopping at some if my favourite retailers.



After the tour I packed my bag and headed for Dodger Stadium to see the LA Dodgers take on the Chicago White Sox. As day turned to night the game unfolded.







The locals were less than pleased when Chicago’s Jose Abreu hit a double home-run over the left-field fence at the top of the fourth inning, however, the crows got to their feet as the Dodgers scored 5 runs in the 6th inning aided by a base-hit from the pitcher Kershaw eager to make up for giving up the home-run hit. The game wasn’t that exciting and the atmosphere left lacking with a small crowd but it was interesting to compare the smell of Dodger Dogs and Onion surrounded by Hispanics at the baseball to Meat Pies and bogans at the footy. Ultimately the Dodgers won 5-2.


Tomorrow I plan to head to Santa Monica to check out the beach and pier (and maybe do some shopping along the 3rd St Promenade) if the weather is pleasant, which if the last 3 days are anything to go by should be a given.



    1. Definitely some interesting characters, cultural experiences and not to mention foods. At the baseball a ‘Dodger Dog’ was $5.50, a 100% Beef Dodger Dog was $7.00 then they had another one for $10.00, plus a beer was $13.75 (though they were massive 21oz ones

      1. is that an average size baseball crowd? Beer and food seem expensive at the baseball or is that the normal price. Looks you’re having a good time. Dad

      2. I think that is the regular price of food, makes the footy seem reasonable in comparison. I think the crowd was a little small, with it being a Monday night and the White Sox not a traditional rival. Not too bad so far, looking forward to the tour tomorrow, fingers crossed it is good or it could be a long couple of weeks

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